Joining Our 社区

Cheshire Medical Center offers the best of both worlds for ambitious, dedicated health care professionals: a great career with opportunities for advancement, a fantastic place to live.

View of mount monadnock in summer

New hires join a talented, 承诺, highly qualified staff, but your life 和 community extend far beyond our campus, so join a community that provides you a better way of living.

Fit man in his 30s st和s astride a mountain bike on a scenic campus trail flanked by grass, 花, trees 和 woods in the background
"Keene is a fantastic place to raise my family 和 live a healthy life—和 I'm proud that my daily work enriches the lives of my friends 和 neighbors."
- Shawn Cyr, project coordinator, takes lunchtime rides on nearby trails.

Keene 和 the surrounding towns of the 残丘地区 offer a number of distinct advantages: an affordable cost of living, 伟大的学校, 折衷的餐馆, a vibrant cultural scene, convenient access to major urban centers.

工作,生活,还有 茁壮成长 在这里!

残丘地区 of New Hampshire—named for the most hiked mountain in the US­—is a place of spectacular natural beauty in a state consistently ranked within the Top Ten for overall quality of life. 让你的灵魂来 充满艺术气息 和 your body 茁壮成长 with diverse 户外活动.

To break up your workday, Cheshire boasts extensive walking, cycling, 和 mountain bike 小路吧 在主校区 连接到 rail trails throughout Keene 和 surrounding towns. 

It's easy to unwind on evenings 和 weekends, as our small 基恩市 是富有的 independent restaurants, 社区节日家庭 活动. Check out the community calendars at 发现残丘基恩哨兵报 事件. 

couple walking down main street Keene, NH
Keene's Main Street boasts many independent shops 和 restaurants, while home to gatherings such as the Keene Art Walk, 骄傲, 基恩美食节, Monadnock Music Festival, Monadnock Area International Food Festival (MONIFF), the Radically Rural conference 和 Earth Day celebrations each year.

An easy drive to adventure

Keene is a mere half-hour drive from both Vermont 和 麻萨诸塞州—many make the beautiful daily commute 在这里 from each state.

If you are craving urban fun, 滚动浏览, 或是高耸的山峰, we are an easy two-hour drive from Boston, 麻萨诸塞州, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or the beaches of Maine.

Many enjoy a completely different scene over long weekends via a four-hour drive Montreal, Canada—or just catch the train from Brattleboro, VT到宾州站, NY, NY!

drone shot of 残丘地区 lake
Central Square, Keene, NH
Central Square in Keene is a hub of our community.


Our staff play a pivotal role in our community, we embrace the neighborly spirit that enriches our corner of the world. 了解更多关于 我们的文化, or meet some of your future teammates.

Meet more of 团队柴郡

Justin Lyons, RN, BSN, CEN, TCRN, AEMT

Committed to Serving His 全球十大赌钱软件app 社区, at 工作 和 Beyond

Achieving his childhood aspirations of working in emergency medicine, Justin Lyons' dedication to helping his neighbors doesn't stop when his shift is over.


Ann Ihekoronye, RN 和 Felecsha Cohall-Johnson, RN

Embracing a New 全球十大赌钱软件app in New Hampshire

Building an international workforce: Two nurses navigate their way with the help of a welcoming community — 和 each other.


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