Billing 和 Charges

We appreciate your choosing Cheshire Medical Center for your health care needs. We underst和 medical bills can be confusing, so we work hard to make your 计费 process smooth 和 easy to underst和.

Cheshire Medical Center is a member of 达特茅斯卫生, so 计费 financial assistance are h和led through 达特茅斯卫生. However, Cheshire offers some assistance programs through our Center for Population Health,例如 Family Resource Counseling

Call 达特茅斯卫生's Billing Customer Service team for questions: 844-808-0730.

How to pay your bill 

We accept payments made by cash, 检查, 汇款单, or credit card (Visa, 万事达卡, 美国运通, 和发现). Make your payments:

  • 在线:用你的 myDH account to make credit card payments 和 manage payment plans.
  • 通过电话: Call our secure line at 844-808-0730.
  • In-person at Cheshire Medical Center: Visit our cashier, next to Registration in our Main Lobby.
  • 通过邮件: Use the return envelope that came with your 计费 statement to make a payment by 检查, 汇款单, or credit card 和 mail it to: 

    Dartmouth Hitchcock
    P.O. 419114箱
    Boston, MA 02241-9065

达特茅斯卫生 will provide you with one bill for your services. This covers services provided by the hospital,例如 your room 和 board charge 和 nursing care. It may also include services ordered by your provider such as X-rays, 实验室测试, 医疗用品, 和氧气. 

If you take part in a diagnostic imaging test, like an ultrasound or X-ray, you may receive two separate bills. One is for technical services (the test), 和 the other is for professional services (a physician's reading of the resulting image). Cheshire Medical Center contracts radiology services to Radiology Associates of Keene, which accepts payment directly.

For more information on 达特茅斯卫生 计费, please visit:

Insurance information

The insurance plans Cheshire Medical Center accepts differ slightly from those accepted by 达特茅斯卫生. 找出是哪个 insurance plans Cheshire Medical Center accepts.

Referrals 和 precertifications

Many insurance companies require a referral from your primary care provider or a precertification over the phone before they will cover certain services. 了解更多关于 referrals 和 precertifications.

Cheshire Medical Center assistance

Family resource counseling

我们的 family resource counselors 我能帮你 apply for financial aid or insurance, or help you make ends meet while paying for health care. They 我能帮你 even if you don’t have children. The counselors can meet you here at Cheshire Medical Center or elsewhere in our community. 

了解如何 family resource counseling 我能帮你.

Fee estimates for services at Cheshire

Cheshire Medical Center charges differently from 达特茅斯卫生 for some services 和 procedures.

找出答案 estimated charge for common services provided at Cheshire Medical Center.

达特茅斯卫生 financial assistance

Many of Cheshire Medical Center’s patients are eligible for Financial Assistance from 达特茅斯卫生. To find out whether your medical bills could be reduced, visit 达特茅斯卫生 Financial Assistance.